Enterprise Architecture

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iStock 000018675666SmallModern businesses are complex and modern realities like emerging technologies, increasing regulation, and globalized competition continue to increase business add even more complexity.  Organizations need agility to be successful in this environment but this can become very difficult for organizations which have a myriad of people, processes, systems, locations, and localized interests to manage.

MBC uses well-established Enterprise Architecture methodologies and frameworks to help its clients focus their business on meaningful effort that will deliver progress and accomplish goals.  Enterprise Architecture provides a structured framework for businesses to describe their goals, analyze the existing business, and use the power of a common vocabulary to forge an efficient path to accomplishing corporate goals.

MBC knows your business is a system of systems that must be treated as a whole. We carry this systems engineering ethos throughout all of our Enterprise Architecture efforts. Enterprise Architecture spans business strategy and implementation tactics. Our consultants have the strategy experience to proactively reach out to stakeholders as the enterprise architecture evolves to drive corporate focus.  Our technical bona fides allows MBC to effectively maintain all architecture artifacts whether the chosen framework is TOGAF, FEA, Zachman, DoDAF, or MODAF.

A successful Enterprise Architecture effort will focus the business on the important transformation efforts and continue to measure how well the business is delivering on its intended goals. MBC Enterprise Architecture practitioners will be on hand to guide your organization as it develops a future vision, defines the current state of the
organization, and determines what the steps along the way look like from a business, data, and technical perspective. 


Business Architecture

Business Architecture development begins with a clear scoping of your organization's vision, goals, and principles. Through careful study, the business processes, roles, functions, and locations which will support and enable your goals are identified. Once identified Morgan Borszcz Consulting will then work with your stakeholders to deliver not only an executable end-state business architecture, but also a series of steps and transitions required to accomplish business process re-engineering.


Data Architecture

Information is at the core of how a business is able to operate and execute its processes. MBC's data management expertise further enhances our ability to describe, govern, and provide proactive advice on how to best exploit corporate knowledge to enhance processes and deliver value to the organization.  Whether the focus is on defining a common business vocabulary, delivering executable enterprise data models, or both, MBC has extensive experience and success in ensuring corporate knowledge drives business success.


Technical Architecture

As an experienced integrator and IT transformation firm, MBC understands how technical architecture patterns can be applied to a specific organization and when a particular architecture should be applied.  Our expansive knowledge of all facets of business systems and architectures, from Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management to Enterprise Resource Planning and Semantic Web, will be critical to your organization as it works toward accomplishing its goals.

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